You may well have heard of “lock snapping“.

Because this method of entry is used to break  Into property.

It requires no skill by the thief because the lock is the weak part.

And because 80% of domestic and commercial properties have these locks.

You must get a Local Locksmith to carry out a survey


The Method of Lock Snapping

Lock snapping involves breaking the cylinder, and then manipulating the lock to open.

Whilst you may think that all the multi-locking points on your door make it secure,

It’s important to realise they all are operated by the cylinder.

This is the weakest point and if compromised all the locking points are rendered useless.

How long does lock snapping take?

It can take just 5-10 seconds.

Police Forces are advising property owners to upgrade there locks.

Due to the increase of lock snapping.

Upto 25% of burglaries uses this method in the UK.


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